Are You Ready for International Expansion?

International expansion has seen a rapid increase in recent years. More and more U.S. companies are going into the global marketplace and seeing a growing share of their revenue coming from international operations. International expansion will help sustain your operation during economic downturns.

FCG is dedicated to providing company-specific international development, and we will design your strategic expansion based on the specific needs of your brand.

Some questions you need to address before exporting your brand:

  • Is the brand well established?
  • Are there market opportunities, and where?
  • Is there dedicated support devoted to international operations?
  • Is there a profile of the right partner?
  • Are the targeted countries politically stable?
  • Are there monetary exchange controls which might limit the transfer of royalties and fees?
  • Is the discretionary spending power of the targeted country adequate?
  • What are the legal requirements and cultural practices of the targeted country?
  • Have you internationalized your legal documents?
  • Have you registered your trademarks?
  • Have you internationalized your websites and brochures?

We at FCG can help source qualified investors in international markets who have the financial capacity and business experience to successfully develop your brand through the model of franchising, licensing, or distribution.